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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Scarlett Phoenix Unleashed Today!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Scarlett Phoenix is unleashed on the world today!  

I am very happy to announce that my first YA PNR novel is out there at last in the e-book realm, ready for all you wonderful YA PNR fans.

It's been a long journey, that started back in October 2009.  Three years later and here we are, and it's also quite fitting that the lead character Scarlett Paige has her birthday on this very day too!

I hope that you all enjoy this novel as much I loved writing it.

Here are the buy links should you be tempted:

Very many thanks to everyone involved with the Project and Book Blog Tour

~ You Guys ROCK! ~

Bella x

Cover Reveal ~ REAPER Book 2 in The Guardian Legacies by Emily Goodwin

Cover Reveal!  


Book 2 in The Guardian Legacies


Emily Goodwin

After discovering her destiny as a witch, Anora is on a mission to find out everything she can about the magical world. Unbeknownst to her, the creatures of that world are trying to find out everything they can about her…and the people closest to her.

With Ethan and Hunter to protect her, Anora feels safe and happy with her new life. That is, until she begins to be plagued with terrifying visions that only she can see, leaving her full of fear and doubt. What if the hallucinations are real? What if there is something dark out there that can attack her from within?

If Anora can’t even trust herself, who can she turn to?

*Released Halloween, 2012*


Book Trailer: 


Giveaway Info: 

Print copy of Unbound and Reaper
E-copy of Unbound and Reaper
Custom Bookmark


Author Bio: 

Emily Goodwin resides in Indiana, where she lives with her husband, many four legged children and their much loved German Shepherd named Vader. Accused of being a day dreamer, Emily began writing at an early age, making use of her active imagination. She has a degree in psychology, is currently working on her second degree in nursing, likes anything paranormal, 80's rock, going on crazy adventures with her friends and is an animal rights activist.




Buy Unbound in paperback at:



I'm delighted to have been part of Emily's cover reveal what a totally fabulous cover too!  Good luck in the give-away and enjoy the book!

                                                                See you on Tour

                                                                        Bella x

Halloween for Zombies by Jo Barker

A Short Story for this most Spookiest of Days!

Halloween for Zombies 


Jo Barker


It’s Halloween (samhein) and the veil that separates the world of the living from the dead is at its thinnest.
The nights are lengthening and the days are shortening, and on  this one day a year the dead can walk amongst the living.
These days this is a task made easier by all the trick-or-treaters wondering around in disguise.
Drooble is a zombie and as such it was very hard for him to go out and meet people without bits of himself falling off.
On any normal day, people would get scared and run away.  But once a year he could go out and talk to normal everyday people.  It didn’t matter if anything fell off, people just assumed it was part of his costume and would laugh.
Drooble especially liked to go trick or treating as this gave him an excuse to talk to people. Occasionally he would even get invited along with other trick or treaters.
This year was slightly different.  The wind was howling and the rain was driving, flashes of lightening flickered across the sky.  There were very few trick or treaters outside, and those that were outside were in a hurry to get inside.
Drooble couldn’t go inside, the problem with being a zombie, other than suddenly losing body parts, was the smell.  He very much smelt like a zombie should smell.  Outside this was not so noticeable, but inside it was.
So Drooble wondered the streets wet, windswept and alone, looking at the cheery glows coming from peoples houses.
Eventually his wonderings brought him to a barn.  There was a flickering light coming from inside.  Barns are quite airy and smelt of hay anyway so he decided to take a peek.

To finish reading this Halloween Zombifest click the link below


To connect with Jo on the web:






Many thanks to Jo for sharing her Short Story Zombie Spookfest with us today!

Have a  Totally Horrolicious Halloween


Bella x

P.S. Don't forget to stop by later for an awesome cover reveal and then later, the unleashing of Scarlett Phoenix!

Witchy Wednesday! Samhain!


Welcome to Witchy Wednesdays


҉  Halloween  ҉  All Souls  ҉  All Hallows Eve  ҉

This is not your typical Witchy Wednesday post, as you can see there's lots of funny little cartoons! 

Today we are going to learn a little about Samhain ~ pronounced according to some schools of witchcraft 'Sow'ain'  and that this is also the most important festival in the Witch's calendar or year. 

Samhain marks the beginning and the end of the 'Wheel of the Year' it is just the same as the conventional calendars New Years Eve. 

Samhain begins as soon as it gets dark on the evening of the 31st October.  Celebrations are designed to peak or even commence at midnight, the witching hour.  

Some schools even hold their ceremonies on the 1st November to celebrate the New Year or sometimes even 2nd of the month if things run over schedule!

Samhain is traditionally associated with death, the spirits of the dead, and with what we are generally used to these days:  'Super Spookiness' a la the mass of creeptastic frightfest movies that are usually released this time of year.

The Samhain Festival marks the turning point of the oncoming winter months and in times past when it would be prudent to take stock of supplies for the winter.  These days however, we are lucky enough to have supermarkets. (We don't know we're born!) However, it is still correct to place offerings of food and wine (non alcoholic is fine) to the Gods and Goddess's out of respect for the old ways.

 Samhain or Halloween has taken on another role in the modern age, obviously apart from the Trick or Treating.  

It is thought that on this day, that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest.  Some Witches believe this is a time when it is possible for spirits who may wish to return to their loved ones, can and they will often set places at the feasting table for those who may come forward from the Shadow Realm to join in the celebrations. 

Witches do not typically summon spirits to make 'contact' as it is felt that once one has passed into the Shadow Realm, it's impolite to disturb the peace.  Only in exceptional cases and where the spirit is willing to come forward then this is a completely different scenario altogether.  But generally the rule is: let sleeping spirits lie.

It is also considered tradition to place a lit candle in a window of your home (away from the curtains obviously) to guide and welcome the spirits home and to deter any unwanted spirits entering.  

This is where the origin of using pumpkins as lanterns evolved.

There is a tremendous amount of information, and I mean heavily detailed information about this topic. I am just skimming the bare bones, pardon the pun, for you.

Any ritual or ceremony performed on this special night is sure to have more potency, so be careful what you wish for as it may not be what you really wanted!

And on that note, I'm going to apply my green uber slick face paint. Then I'm going to don my pointy hat with an extra heavy smattering of sequins and glitter, swirl my deliciously decadent black velvet cape over my twinkling midnight satin gown.  Get my broom stick, and in the fine tradition of Samhain all I have to say is:

'Fly my pretties, fly!!!'

Enjoy your day whatever you do!

)O( Blessings to one and all )O(

Monday, 29 October 2012

Check out my Interview with Jo Barker!

My latest interview with the totally awesome

 Jo Barker 

Thank you so much Jo!!!

Bella x

Public Service Announcement!!

Public Service Announcement!! 

As you may or may not know, I will be launching my first YA PNR novel 'Scarlett Phoenix' Book I in The Seraphoenix Saga on the 31st of October followed by a Book Blog Tour which starts on the 1st of November.  This is going to interrupt my normal blogging service somewhat.  So please don't worry if The Saturday Showcase or Witchy Wednesdays disappear temporarily they will be back in December.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you enjoy the Book Blog Tour and scrumptious Give-Away!

Bella x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Saturday Showcase with Guest Author J.T. Schaad

Welcome to The Saturday Showcase

This week I am very pleased to share

Black Rose


J.T. Schaad

Do you believe in evil? I mean the true evil that lurks in the shadows of our world. We hear of people committing devastating acts on television all the time, but of course we never think that could happen where we are. It could never happen to us or to anyone we care about. That sort of evil just does not exist in our little worlds, does it? But what if evil turned out to be a lot closer than you thought? What if it was your neighbor, your mailman, your child’s bus driver or school teacher? What if real, true evil turned out to be the love of your life?

That is what is happening to Laura Cooper. She is a single mother who has recently lost her husband to a vicious mugging. She and her fifteen year old daughter Amy have moved on remarkably well since then. Mother and daughter are enjoying their lives as they try to put the past behind them and live in peace in their nice West Virginia town of Parkersburg. This is about to change…

On the way back from a shopping trip to a nearby city, Laura and her daughter have a flat tire. They find themselves stranded by the side of the highway with a dead cell phone. That is until a charming stranger stops to rescue them. This is when they meet Mark. He is a handsome all American restaurant owner with chiseled good looks and soap opera charm. Laura finds herself entranced and beginning a whirlwind romance with the enticing stranger.

Meanwhile, a series of brutal murders is terrifying the suburban town of Parkersburg. Laura’s older brother Frank happens to be the lead detective on the case who has somehow found himself the target of a madman’s killer obsession. As the body count rises and the games become more twisted, the race to find the killer twists and turns to a terrifying conclusion that will rock the very foundation of this peaceful community and leave Laura questioning everything that she believes in as she realizes that sometimes the Devil is just as close as a lover’s kiss…

Buy from here:

Author Bio:

My interests are: Writing, Music, Songwriting, Movies, Baseball, and my favourite types of books are: Horror/Thrillers/Suspense and some Abstract and Classics.
I decided 14 was a good age and even though I'm now 31, I have tried my best not to mature past this level. That's probably why I write the insane things I do.
I have a strange fascination with things that go bump in the night. Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with reading, writing, and watching scary things. My current novel Black Rose is available online and I'm working on my next book right now. I'm also working on a soon to be released follow up to Black Rose. I've decided that story isn't over yet.
Connect with J.T. on the web:


Very many thanks to J.T. for being part of my Saturday Showcase and I really hope that you enjoy Black Rose.  I'm reading it now (*no spoilers here*) all I'm going to say is: if this is your type of genre, try it, you'll be very glad you did! Awesome!

See you next week with another great title and author.

Keep cool and read on!

Bella x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Give-Away Goodies! Scarlett Phoenix Blog Tour

Scarlett Phoenix Blog Tour Give-Away

Here are a couple of pictures of the gorgeous Chakra bracelets made especially for The Scarlett Phoenix Book Blog Tour, starting next week.

I am giving away 10 Specially Commissioned Gorgeous 
 Semi-Precious Gemstone and Swarovski Crystal Designer Chakra Bracelets worth £35 each to celebrate the release of my latest YA PNR nove

Close up of one bracelet ~ every one is slightly different

Each Chakra Bracelet is a one-off design, a total candy pop of colour for the wrist!

 So what you can win is a completely unique piece of jewellery in all the colours of the rainbow which will compliment any outfit. They look totally fabulous stacked with other bracelets too (I have an armful!) 

The size is 7.5" to 8" however they are stretchy so will fit most wrist sizes. 

Each Bracelet may contain a combination of the following: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Blue Topaz, Lavender Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Green Quartz, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Blue Agate, Peach Carnelian, Watermelon Jade, Red Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Orange Agate, Pink Agate, Gold Stone, Gold Stone Blue, Green Jade, Real Pearls & Genuine Shell, mixed with Swarovski beads in a complimentary blend of hues.

 Feel free to spread the word about the tour and give-away!


Bella x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Witchy Wednesday! A Spell for Creativity

Welcome to 

Witchy Wednesdays


'Bella's Book of Shadows'

For a quick recap on last weeks post: Circle Casting 

Click the link below:


This week I'm going to share a simple spell for creativity with you.

Sometimes a creative boost is needed especially if you are struggling with a project that requires a lot of focus.  So I may just have found the solution for you. 


A  Simple Spell for Creativity

You will need the following:

҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉

 1 x Orange Candle (Any size)
1 x Candle Holder
1 x Nail
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
1 x Carnelian Crystal (tumblestone)
1 x Ametrine Crystal (tumblestone)
 Crushed Bay Leaves (1 teaspoon)
1 x Small Bag (Mojo bag)~ Purple
(party favour Bags are perfect)

҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉


On the next full moon when its power is at its zenith perform this ritual. 

(It is not necessary to cast a Circle for this simple ritual, but if you feel it will help you focus then please do so, just remember to close it properly when you are finished)

Cleanse the candle under running water, be careful not to wet the wick.

Cleanse the crystals in the same way.

Use the nail to carve your intention into the candle, around and around like a candy cane.

Anoint the candle with a couple of drops (less is more - it is important not to go overboard here) of Sweet Orange Oil from the top & bottom towards the centre, all the time focusing on your intent to open up the channels of creativity and free flowing thoughts.

Place the candle in the holder and light. 
(Never leave a lit candle unattended ever!)

Focus on the flame as you hold the crystals, the Carnelian in your right hand and Ametrine in your left. Keep in your mind your desire to boost your creativity.  The crystals will get very warm as you instill your positive intent into them.

Let the candle burn down either in one go or over several nights.

Once the candle has burnt and the wax is cold, crush the remains.  Place them in the purple mojo bag along with the crystals.  Put in the crushed Bay Leaves  and add two more drops of Sweet Orange Oil to the mix.  Put the nail in a safe place, but not in the bag. Tie and secure the bag.

Keep the bag with you for as long as you need, inhale the scent of the Sweet Orange Oil to prompt you when required.  You can always top up the fragrance with a couple of drops of the oil once a week if you are going to use it continually. (If you want to, you can place the mojo bag under your pillow while you sleep). 

Blessed Be

)O(   So Mote it Be   )O(


According to the research I've done, here's a brief explanation of the supposed lore regarding the items used in this spell. 

Perform on the full moon because its energy is perfect at this time.

The colour orange is associated with the Sacral Chakra, this is located on the body just below the naval. It is the 2nd Chakra. This is centre for creativity and joy, if you place the mojo bag here it may help to balance and open this centre and let the cosmic flow radiate in your life.

The nail is used because of the iron, to ground your intention and make it solid.

The Bay leaf because of its reputed prophetic properties.

The Sweet Orange Oil will stimulate your mind awakening your senses.

The Carnelian crystal boosts creative energy and will help to balance the Sacral Chakra.
The Ametrine crystal is a combination of amethyst: intuition, balancing and awareness.  And Citrine: dynamic energy and opening the mind to new thoughts. (According to Gem Lore)

The purple mojo bag. The colour purple (no pun intended) is associated with all realms of higher thought and consciousness.


Please be aware of any allergies/adverse conditions you may have to the ingredients.  Remember - if in doubt don't do it.

So there you have it, a ritual with a complete explanation of its properties.



So until next week, be good and if you can't be good be careful and if you have any questions, leave a comment, as I love your comments!


Bella x

   Copyright Bella Harte 2012 -  Bella’s Book of Shadows 

Advisory Note: I accept no responsibility for anyone performing these spells or the outcome that they may incur.   You perform these rituals by your own volition and thereby exonerating me entirely by your own actions of using this information.  Act responsibly and never leave burning candles unattended.   Thank you.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Announcing The Scarlett Phoenix Blog Tour Dates

The Seraphoenix Saga

Scarlett Phoenix Blog Tour November 2012

Tour Dates:

1st November ~ www.selfpublishordie.com

9th November ~ www.thoughtsonhigh.com

11th November ~ www.sweetesttaboobook.com


21st November ~ www.louisewise.com


So there you have it, the full run down of all the fabulous Blogs participating!

Have fun and see you all on Tour!

Bella x
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